In Search of the True God

Presence of many religions at a time in the world is root cause of wars, poverty, illiteracy and destruction of the human beings.

What is the perfect way to save the human beings from destruction?

Is this not true that Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Christian etc hate each other due to difference of religion? So, we should find the true God to bring his true religion in front of 7 billion people to establish in the world.

WHY should we find the true God?

Only this is beneficial for human beings otherwise there are wars among countries since centuries and will be continued which will cause to keep increasing poverty and illiteracy. We cannot truly save and serve the people forever without finding true God because we hate each other due to religions, we fight, we war, we destroy and kill other human beings so, we cannot keep people safe from destruction forever in this condition.

How to find the true God?

To do this, we first need to choose a neutral and natural judge like the Fire between all religions. Minimum one (or as many) religious leaders/followers from all religions will be gathered at the platform of Religious United Nations who will enter the fire without using any chemicals on their body in a big ground in front of world media. The true God (whether that is Allah, Jesus, Moses, Ram, Krishna, etc) who will save his follower(s) from burning in fire will be proved true without any doubt. Only true religion of that God will be established in the world.

We Invite You to Unique/Universal Mission

We invite you in this unique, universal and history changing mission so that you can join us in finding true God by investing your time or money to serve for the benefit of about 7+ billion people of the world forever, to save millions of innocent children, women, oldies and youth from destruction in war, to finish poverty and to finish illiteracy from the world forever.

If you don’t do this then what will happen?

Our families will not be saved in future during atomic wars among countries due to religions.

If you join and help us then what will happen?

About 7 billion people will get its benefit. There will be peace in world, end of wars among countries, one true God will be revealed and his true religion will be established in the world, our families will be saved in future and this world will become like a Paradise while currently it is like a Hell.

Find out who divided 7 billion people of the world

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